Wildlife and Human Society

Wildlife and Human Society Vol.1 No.2

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Special issue: Five points for make up the relationship of the new "Wildlife and society"

  • Introduction for special issue: Five points for make up the relationship of the new "wildlife and society"
    ------------Mayumi Yokoyama,Masatsugu Suzuki 1
  • Wildlife Administration and Organaization for Research on Nature Conservation -Accountability for the Public-
    ------------Takeshi Akasaka 3
  • Construction of social infrastructures for wildlife management in Japan
    ------------Koichi Kaji 13
  • Construction of management system of black bear starting from data collection to be thorough, Japan
    ------------Mayumi Yokoyama 17
  • Decisions by Gifu University and Gifu prefecture based upon a sharp distinction between "needs" and "wants" -Details and reminiscences of abolition of wildlife rescue program and establishment of funded department by Gifu Prefecture-
    ------------Masatsugu Suzuki 25
  • Challenges for the Future of the Community-based Wildlife Damage Management -Designing of shared goals and process to motivate local community-
    ------------Katsuya Suzuki 29

Original Paper:

  • Issues of Environmental Governance Based on Diverse Values in the Relationship between Wildlife and Human Society: A Case Study of the Nature Restoration Project at Lake Kasumigaura
    ------------Ryoto Tomita 35
  • Heterogeneous Preferences for wildlife management: A latent class approach
    ------------Takahiro Kubo 49
  • Rooting sites of wild boar in Shingo and Himuro Districts of Sano, Tochigi Prefecture
    ------------Hiroshi Tunoda, Haruka Ohashi, Masae saito, Reiko Horie, Hiromu Noba, Shinsuke Koike, Yoshinobu Hoshino, Hiroto Toda, Koichi Kaji 61

What should we do to avoid the conflict between human and wildlife in depopulation society?:

  • What should the local governments do to overcome the hunter decrease period for their success of wildlife management?
    ------------Gouhei Ueda 71
  • The present state of wild boar management in the island island of Nagasaki
    ------------Shigeki Hirata 79
  • How to re-create local communities coexsiting nature: Parallel population decrease in urban as well as rural and the possibility of counterurbanization
    ------------Ko Fujiyama 85

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