Policy of The Association of Wildlife and Human Society

Now, attempts of co-existence between humans and nature have just begun. Such activities will sureiy be welcomed in world with a history of antagonistic attitudes toward nature. However, internationally there are few academic societies aimed at investigating the co-existence of humans and nature from nature's point of view, particularly in the Asia-Pan Pacific region where there have been many problems with nature and wildlife conservation.

The Association of Wildlife and Human Society aims to develop a field clarifies the relationship between humans and nature through discussion of pertinent philosophies and methodologies. This field will not only include traditional areas of conservation science such as the ecology of individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems of both land and sea, but also incorporate the arts. This arts division will include fields such as economics, sociolory, history, low, philosophy and other human related subjects. Thus, it is the development of an interdisciplinary field synthesizing the arts and sciences, as related to nature conservation, that the society is most concerned winth.

Through publishing academic journals, "Wildlife and Human Society" in Japanese and English, "Wildlife Forum" in Japanese, this society intends to contribute to encourage and develop nature conservation in the Asia-Pan Pacific region and elsewhere.
"Wildlife Conservation Japan" and "Biosphere Conservation" are names of old journals.


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