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Biosphere Conservation

Biosphere Conservation for Nature, Wildlife, and Humans

Vol.9 No.2 January 2009

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Original Papers:

  • Challenging "boom and bust" market pressures:
    Development of self-managed sea cucumber conservation in Rishiri Island, Hokkaido, Japan / 1
    ------------ Akamine Jun
  • Movement of the Siberian flying squirrel, Pteromys volans orii, in fragmented small woods /13
    ------------ Yushin Asari and Hisashi Yanagawa
  • The Effectsof Digestion by Asiatic Black Bear Ursus thibetanus on Seed Germination of Japanese Bird Cherry Prunus grayana (Rosaceae) /19
    ------------ Bainah Sari Dewi, Norio Tokita, Masaaki Koganezawa and Kengo Furubayashi
  • Comparison of a Two-stage Technique Using Rumen Inocula of Sheep and an Enzymatic Method for Predicting Digestibility of Food Resources in Sika Deer, Corvus nippon, Habitats /29
    ------------ Norio Tokita, Emi Sakata, Masaki Nedu, Tsutomu Konno, Akiko Takii and Teruaki Tokita

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