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Biosphere Conservation

Biosphere Conservation for Nature, Wildlife, and Humans

Vol.9 No.1 September 2008

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Original Papers:

  • Food habits of gray wolves in the Bogdkhan Mountain Strictly Protected Area, Mongolia / 1
    ------------ Chieko Nakazawa, Khuukhenduu Tungalagtuya, Naoki Maruyama and Kazuki Suda
  • Effects of defoliation and digging caused by sika deer on the Oze mires of central Japan /9
    ------------ Tomoyuki Igarashi and Seiki Takatsuki
  • Conservation of biodiversity in Canada and Japan: Different policies and different effectiveness /17
    ------------ Malcom Fitz-Earle and Satoshi Kobayashi
  • Phylogenetic implications of Jungle Crow Corvus macrorhynchos and Carrion Crow Corvus corone based on base sequence of mitochondrial DNA /41
    ------------ Emiko Fukui, Shoei Sugita and Midori Yoshizawa

Research note:

  • Aggregation of Red Jungle Fowl Gallus gallus on a road in Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park, Myanmar. /47
    ------------ Toru Oi, Aye Mi San, Nyo Nyo and Tin Nwe

Status Reports:

  • An ecological survey of the Trans-Himalayan wetlands of the proposed Changthang Biosphere Reserve, India, for conservation planning /53
    ------------ S. A. Hussain, R. K. Singh and Ruchi Badola

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