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Biosphere Conservation

Biosphere Conservation for Nature, Wildlife, and Humans

Vol.6 No.1 June 2004


Original Papers:

  • Evaluation of 7S β-subunit deficiency and its inheritance among soybeans Glycine max L. in the Mekong Dalta, Viet Nam
    ------------ Vo Cong Thanh, Dai Thi Xuan Trang, Liu Shan Shan, Zhou Jin Mei, and Yutaka Hirata --1
  • Changes in the livestock grazing system in the Hulunber grassland, northern Inner Mongolia
    ------------ Kun Shi and Naoki Maruyama --7
  • Recommendations for the reintroduction program of the European Bison population in Bieszczady Mountains, Poland
    ------------ Kajetan Perzanowski and Wanda Olech --19
  • Systemic management of fisheries in space and time: Tradeoffs, complexity, ecosystems, sustainability
    ------------ Charies W. Fowler and Robert J.M. Crawford --25
  • Anthropogenic changes in the environmental Parameters of Bieszczady
    ------------ Maciej Augustyn --43

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