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Biosphere Conservation

Vol.2 No.2 February 2000 for Nature, Wildlife, and Humans Biosphere Conservation


Original Papers:

  • Grazing effects on a grassland community and a plant defence guild, in Hulunbeier, northern China
    ------------------------ Seiki TAKATSUKI and Jiang ZHAOWEN 59
  • The impact of Settled Grazing on the Grassland Bird Community of the Nantun Area, northern Inner Mongolia
    ------------------ Kun SHI, Naoki MARUYAMA, Masaaki KOGANEZAWA, Zhongxin GAO 65
  • The Carpathian Bison Bison bonasus: its past and future
    ------------------------ Kajetan PERZANOWSKI and Ihor KOZAK 75
  • Locals' perception of Himalayan brown bear conservation and habitat management at Deosai, Northern Areas, Pakistan
    ------------------------Aleem Ahmed KHAN, Umeed KHALID, and Rafiq Ahmed RAJPUT 83

Status Reports:

  • Distribution, status and habitat of larger carnivores in the Eastern Ghats Forests of Andhra Pradesh, India
    ------------------------M. V. Subba RAO 91

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