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Biosphere Conservation for Nature, Wildlife, and Humans

Vol.2 No.1 April 1999


Original Papers:

  • Interactions between brown bears and humans in Scandinavia
    ----Jon E. Swenson, Finn Sandegren, Arne Soderberg, Morten Heim, Ole Jakob Sorensen, Anders Bjarvall, Robert Franzen, Steinar Wikan, and Petter Wabakken 1
  • The reproductive status of Steller sea lions in the Nemuro Strait, Hokkaido, Japan
    ---------------------------------------- Tsuyoshi Ishinazaka and Tsuyoshi Endo 11
  • A comparison of wolf habitat between Japan and Poland with regard to human residential patterns
    ---------------------------------------- Norio Takahashi and Naoki Maruyama 21
  • Changes in the population dynamics of Japanese serow and sika deer as a result of competitive interactions in the Ashio Mountains, central Japan
    ---------------------------------------- Masaaki Koganezawa 35

Status Reports:

  • The status of large carnivores in Vietnam
    ---------------------------------------- Ha Dinh Duc 45
  • Population surveys of Steller sea lions in the Kuril Islands in 1995 and 1996
    ---------------------------------------- Nikolai Nikolaiovich Pavlov and Takeomi Isono 51

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