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Biosphere Conservation for Nature, Wildlife, and Humans

Vol.1 No.2 1998 October


Reviews & Essays:

  • Prospects for conservation of the Asiatic lion in India
    -------------- Asir Jawahar Thomas Johnsingh, Ravi Chellam, and Diwakar Sharma 81
  • The Steller sea lion: a declining species
    ------------------------Thomas R. Loughlin 91

Original Papers:

  • The Spanish wolf (Canis lupus signatus): a paradoxical case
    --- a preliminary report for 1996
    ------------------------Javier Castroviejo 99
  • Geographic variation in the mitochondrial DNA of Steller sea lions:
  • Haplotype diversity and endemism in the Kuril Islands
    ------------------------John W. Bickham, Thomas R. Loughlin, Jeffrey K. Wickliffe,
    and Vladimir N. Burkanov 107
  • Preference of birds for undergrowth in a Tokyo suburban deciduous forest
    ------------------------Taku Maeda 119
  • Seasonal selection of forages by red deer and roe deer in relation to availability and quality of forages in mixed forests, Tonghe, northeastern China
    ------------------Huapeng Chen, Feng Li, Zhongwu Sun, Jianzhang Ma, Huai Wang,
    Liyang Luo, and Fei Li 129
  • Diet of Steller sea lions off the coast of Rausu, Hokkaido, Japan
    ------------------------Yoko Goto and Kenji Shimazaki 141
  • Development of the external morphology, skull and canines of Steller sea lions
    ------------------------Takeomi Isono 149
  • Correction for the misidentification of a shrew in Sakhalin by Abe et al. (1997), by analysis of the full nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene
    ------------------------Satoshi Ohdachi 161

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