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Biosphere Conservation for Nature, Wildlife, and Humans

Vol.1 No.1


Reviews & Essays:

  • Steller sea lions: present status of studies of migratory ecology, and conflict between fisheries and conservation in Japan
    ----------------------------Kazuo Wada 1
  • Options in Steller sea lion recovery and groundfish fishery management
    ----------------------------Lowell W. Fritz and Richard C. Ferrero 7

Original Papers:

  • Diving behavior of adult female Steller sea lions in the Kuril Islands, Russia
    ----------------------------Thomas R. Loughlin, Adolf S. Perlov, Jason D. Baker,
                    Sergei A. Blokhin, and Alexander G. Makhnyr 21
  • Prey of Steller sea lions in the Bering Sea
    ----------------------------Donald G. Calkins 33
  • Halarachnid mites infesting the respiratory tract of Steller sea lions
    ----------------------------Kenji Konishi and Kenji Shimazaki 45
  • The effect of hunting in Hokkaido on population dynamics of Steller sea lions in the Kuril Islands:
    a demographic modeling analysis
    ----------------------------Norio Takahashi and Kazuo Wada 49
  • Japanese peoples' attitudes toward wolves and their reintroduction into Japan
    ----------------------------Caitlin B. Angeli, Naoki Maruyama, Masaaki Koganezawa,
                       Masao Takahashi, and Sakura Chinen 63
  • Impacts of settled grazing on the grassland ecosystem in the Nantun Area, northern Inner Mongolia
    --Kun Shi, Naoki Maruyama, Zhongxin Gao, Masaaki Koganezawa, and Jingchun Jiang 73

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