Wildlife and Human Society

Wildlife and Human Society Vol.5 No.1


  • Emerging wildlife issues in an age of large-scale human depopulaton - Introduction / 1
    ----------- Hiroto Enari, Hiroshi Tsunoda

Special Issue:

  • Ecological impacts of pond losses and abandonments on regional aquatic biodiversity;
    What will happen in the depopulating Japan? / 5
    ----------- Hiroshi Tunoda
  • Agricultural land use policy in Japan in an era of declining population / 17
    ----------- Takeshi Osawa
  • Designing Consensus Building Procecces for Co-inhabitance with the Crested Ibis:
    A Challenge in the Age of Depopulation / 29
    ----------- Mitsuyo Toyoda
  • A scenario approach for population 'shrinking' society: A case study on range expansion of Sika deer / 41
    ----------- Haruka Ohashi, Keita Fukasawa, Toshinori Ariga, Tetsuya Matsui, Yasuaki Hijioka

Original Paper:

  • Food habits of American mink, Neovison viosn , in the middle basin of the Abukuma River in Japan / 47
    ----------- Sadao Ihara, Osamu Inaba, Yoji Sato and Kaori Fujiwara

- Japanese

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